If your looking for some great ideas for that Halloween Party this year, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with these 5 genius ideas for your party. Try them out and let us know which one was the biggest hit at your party this year!

 Poison Apples

In straight out of fairy-tale land fashion, we present poison apples. They may not make you sleep for years, but maybe they’ll bring you your prince.  So if your looking for some poison apples at your party, head on over to Wannabite for how to make these beautiful little jewels.

Rice Crispy Treat Brains

What party would be complete without a sampling of brains to cleanse the pallet.  If your like me and you love Rice Krispy treats, brain or no brain, then head on over to Left Brain Craft Brain to see how these little treats are made.

Pumpkin Ice Chest

Need a super cheap and creative idea to serve those cold beverages to go with your brains and poison apples?  How about this DIY Pumpkin Ice Chest from Modcloth Blog.

Bowl of Worms

Need some worms to go with all those brains?  Here is a super simple idea to make gummy worms from Jello.  Just click on over to One Little Project for the ins and outs of how to make these little dirt diggers right in your own kitchen.

Hallowine Sangria

And last but certainly not least, when all the kiddos are done tricking and it’s time to kick back, nothing says “Adult Beverage” like Hallowine.  Check out this awesome recipe for making Hallowine Sangria from The Seasoned Mom.

Well there you have it, 5 Genius Ideas for any Halloween Party this Year!  I hope you try some of these fabulous ideas for your Halloween Party this year and let us know what was your favorite.