20 Meter Vertical Moxon Antenna

Johnny, K5ACL describes how he built and tested a 20 Meter Vertical Moxon Antenna.  If your interested in building a Moxon antenna, give Johnny’s video a look and see the many links he has included for this great project.


Here is some background on the Moxon antenna:

The Moxon antenna or Moxon Rectangle is a simple and mechanically robust two-element parasitic array antenna. It takes its name from the amateur radio operator Les Moxon (amateur radio call sign G6XN).The design is rectangular, with roughly half the rectangle being the driven element and the other half being the reflector. It is electrically equivalent to a two element Yagi antenna with bent elements and without directors. Because of the folded ends, the element lengths are appro

Source: Moxon antenna – Wikipedia

For the write up please visit: https://www.k5acl.net/a-vertical-moxo…

Moxon Calculator: http://tippete.net/cgi-bin/moxgen.pl





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